Is Not My Belief, It Is His!

” He left me out of the blue “, “he didn’t commit to me for 5 years”,  ” he has trust issues with me”…

For a therapist, healer and psychic these are very familiar scenarios.

Most of the time, without going into details, the reason for this to happen it is limiting beliefs.  Its how we align with someone else’ point of view.

Recently someone told me, “cannot be my beliefs, he is the one not committing”.

If is it in your reality, your beliefs match this reality, so at some level, to some degree these are your beliefs.
The thing is, the experiences can be short lived if we identify the beliefs, if we forgive the person and if we accept the reality of not being as liked, as loved, r pursued at all.

It’s sad, it happens, but no need to stay in it forever.

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