Playing Hard To Get

This sentence got few of my customers really angry. They responded : ” I am not that kind of woman”.
Yes! You are not, or you will be his leading lady not his best friend for the past 2 years, all confused if he even likes you.
I have read so many books about what men wants and need and this is what all of them say: a woman who knows her value and is not easy to be conquered, therefore he knows he has to try harder, and try.
His trying over and over receiving a friendly, nice, feminine but “earned” response from her, is making him fall in love.
The best friend cooking his meals on occasions and giving him gifts after he is a jerk and had her wait all week for a call and jumping like a poodle at the last minute he called (usually late at night after some woman told him to go F himself), rarely makes it to the altar with him..
I am so sad seeing so many lovely women coming here for advice after they made huge mistakes on making it so easy for a man, giving their hearts away without the man even ever trying, ever dating them, ever romancing her.
Love is a game even if we like it or not.
See if you are winning or is time to exit the space where you are tolerated, but never waited for or celebrated.

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