Psychic Questions

ALL customers are calling to receive help.  Few believe that calling and pressuring Divine for an answer during a 3 minutes psychic reading guidance services is money well spent. However many psychic clients make the mistake of thinking that chat or email readings are not coming fast enough, which in turn, makes them impulsive and wanting a mind reader to decode an obsession.  Wrong question is still a wrong question, no matter if is asked via email, chat, or call.  Same is true if the price is $1.99 or $49.99. 

Asking a better question is the beginning of a better life and receiving a solution. The solution is a partnership between divine and free will. 

There are for sure, some major events that are ‘predetermined’ from birth and therefore, they are unchangeable.  They are a given by God or your spirit and you are going to have these experiences. I firmly believe that the husbands and wives are predestined, children, bankruptcy, major car accidents. When will someone call, or text is not one of these things ! However, these are the ONLY answers people want to know. 

Even though timing changes and it’s not of Divine, it’s a human thing and I am learning to read mind and time as accurately as possible.  

People pay as much as $ 30 a minute to know what someone thinks not what God wants for them, and on psychic hotlines people are looking to cope not to evolve or heal.Should be called “obsession readings” not love and relationships readings.

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