I can’t….

“I cannot let go of him” “it’s been over a year” “I never felt this type of connection” Sounds familiar, right? Truth of the matter is that when we encounter the type of soulmates such a twin flames, things are never easy and mostly, not really lasting but the emotions that we feel while experimenting with this type of relationships are mind blowing. This type of relationships allow us to learn about who we truly are! and what we are truly afraid of! It pushes us to a degree of familiarity and also , makes us feel extremely uncomfortable emotions such as shame, despair, hopelessness. IT can create a pattern of repetition, to the point that we will realize we are obsessing over the person and what is going on in the relationship. Ask today: what is the truth of our connection? Is it for practical love or for spiritual lessons? 

Twin flames telepathy are notorious for being on and off and going through cycles. There is a fine line between co-dependency and the runner phase of a twin flame process. Most of the time I heard women asking themselves, “Am I cutting too much slack to this man?” or “Is anything wrong with me?” I have noticed lately that a lot of people believe they are part of a twin flame relationship and maybe they truly are, but being disrespected, dismissed, disregarded I am sure is not part of “unconditional” love. As much as I would like to understand the reasons behind the ghosting that a twin flame runner does, being afraid of love is not one. Maybe being codependent is intense, I have dealt with it for some time, but that does not make others run from you. To the contrary, it makes others stay, cause your need of them allows them to use you, manipulate you, and invalidate you. If you see signs of being dismissed without any explanation, double check what is truly happening. A psychic reading is another perspective. Try one, it could prove very helpful. 

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