Ascension is why we incarnate for. To ascend is to grow, to become of a higher consciousness. This is possible when our light bodies have the blueprint in place. Activation is a process of instructing our own consciousness to align the consciousness of higher dimensions and to duplicate the wisdom. Through each activation, new templates are imprinted in our mental body and emotional body. 

There are 6 Activations, each one of them lasting 60 minutes. When you choose a package of three or six, book each session one week apart.

Each activation is customized. Not two sessions are alike. Activations need to be done in order, with a minimum a week, maximum two months, in between sessions. If you choose 3 Activations or 6 Activations, when you choose the dates and time for your appointment, choose 60 minutes for each activation, with one week minimum in between each activation.

Soulffluence 1 Activation

$ 275
  • 60 minutes

Soulffluence 3 Activations

$ 600
  • 3 x 60 minutes

Soulffluence 6 Activation

$ 1100
  • 6 x 60 minutes