I can’t….

“I cannot let go of him” “it’s been over a year” “I never felt this type of connection” Sounds familiar, right? Truth of the matter is that when we encounter the type of soulmates such a twin flames, things are never easy and mostly, not really lasting but the emotions that we feel while experimenting with this type of relationships are mind blowing. This type of relationships allow us to learn about who we truly are! and what we are truly afraid of! It pushes us to a degree of familiarity and also , makes us feel extremely uncomfortable emotions such as shame, despair, hopelessness. IT can create a pattern of repetition, to the point that we will realize we are obsessing over the person and what is going on in the relationship. Ask today: what is the truth of our connection? Is it for practical love or for spiritual lessons? 

Twin flames telepathy are notorious for being on and off and going through cycles. There is a fine line between co-dependency and the runner phase of a twin flame process. Most of the time I heard women asking themselves, “Am I cutting too much slack to this man?” or “Is anything wrong with me?” I have noticed lately that a lot of people believe they are part of a twin flame relationship and maybe they truly are, but being disrespected, dismissed, disregarded I am sure is not part of “unconditional” love. As much as I would like to understand the reasons behind the ghosting that a twin flame runner does, being afraid of love is not one. Maybe being codependent is intense, I have dealt with it for some time, but that does not make others run from you. To the contrary, it makes others stay, cause your need of them allows them to use you, manipulate you, and invalidate you. If you see signs of being dismissed without any explanation, double check what is truly happening. A psychic reading is another perspective. Try one, it could prove very helpful. 

Augyst 31st – September 5th, 2020 Color for Relationship Drama

Colors have been used to influence everything, from trust, to buying a product, to set the mood. We use red lipstick to inspire passion and sexual desire, we use white for purity, we use black for needing to grieve. This week’s color is royal blue, and it helps with relaxation and accepting things as they are. Any blue flower inspires ” special”, “royal” and unique. I strongly suggest use some lavender sprigs in your bath on Tuesday evening to clear away the sadness you feel as “He ” did not come back, has no intention to come back or simply, you decided to let him go. Regardless of the reasons, blue this week will help you feel special.

Is He Coming Back?

The most asked question: Is He Coming Back?

Sometimes, knowing if he is going to be back it’s helpful beyond the curiosity – to make decisions for future. The problem is not with knowing, but with being stuck waiting until he is coming back.

Experts say that they always return, and they do so for different reasons. No, men do not return because they miss us. They think a lot about returning but when they do….they are coming to stay and they return if they feel you are valuable to them, a valuable woman.

Sharing Too Fast

Nowadays, relationships move at a speed-light pace and I am not sure that is really working out for women.

I know men need to emotionally bond in order to fall in love and get really committed. They do not do that from “hearing it all” in the first few dates. To the contrary, the less they know, the more they want to know….

One time on a date I was asked ” share something really nice with me” and immediately my instinct told me, men want to know we have been treated well in the past, we had lovely lives and not that we are bitter, suicidal and pretty much insecure.

Is sharing too much too fast working for you? Let me know, or if unsure, find out today what he really thinks about how you reveal yourself to him.

Psychic Questions

ALL customers are calling to receive help.  Few believe that calling and pressuring Divine for an answer during a 3 minutes psychic reading guidance services is money well spent. However many psychic clients make the mistake of thinking that chat or email readings are not coming fast enough, which in turn, makes them impulsive and wanting a mind reader to decode an obsession.  Wrong question is still a wrong question, no matter if is asked via email, chat, or call.  Same is true if the price is $1.99 or $49.99. 

Asking a better question is the beginning of a better life and receiving a solution. The solution is a partnership between divine and free will. 

There are for sure, some major events that are ‘predetermined’ from birth and therefore, they are unchangeable.  They are a given by God or your spirit and you are going to have these experiences. I firmly believe that the husbands and wives are predestined, children, bankruptcy, major car accidents. When will someone call, or text is not one of these things ! However, these are the ONLY answers people want to know. 

Even though timing changes and it’s not of Divine, it’s a human thing and I am learning to read mind and time as accurately as possible.  

People pay as much as $ 30 a minute to know what someone thinks not what God wants for them, and on psychic hotlines people are looking to cope not to evolve or heal.Should be called “obsession readings” not love and relationships readings.

Playing Hard To Get

This sentence got few of my customers really angry. They responded : ” I am not that kind of woman”.
Yes! You are not, or you will be his leading lady not his best friend for the past 2 years, all confused if he even likes you.
I have read so many books about what men wants and need and this is what all of them say: a woman who knows her value and is not easy to be conquered, therefore he knows he has to try harder, and try.
His trying over and over receiving a friendly, nice, feminine but “earned” response from her, is making him fall in love.
The best friend cooking his meals on occasions and giving him gifts after he is a jerk and had her wait all week for a call and jumping like a poodle at the last minute he called (usually late at night after some woman told him to go F himself), rarely makes it to the altar with him..
I am so sad seeing so many lovely women coming here for advice after they made huge mistakes on making it so easy for a man, giving their hearts away without the man even ever trying, ever dating them, ever romancing her.
Love is a game even if we like it or not.
See if you are winning or is time to exit the space where you are tolerated, but never waited for or celebrated.

Is Not My Belief, It Is His!

” He left me out of the blue “, “he didn’t commit to me for 5 years”,  ” he has trust issues with me”…

For a therapist, healer and psychic these are very familiar scenarios.

Most of the time, without going into details, the reason for this to happen it is limiting beliefs.  Its how we align with someone else’ point of view.

Recently someone told me, “cannot be my beliefs, he is the one not committing”.

If is it in your reality, your beliefs match this reality, so at some level, to some degree these are your beliefs.
The thing is, the experiences can be short lived if we identify the beliefs, if we forgive the person and if we accept the reality of not being as liked, as loved, r pursued at all.

It’s sad, it happens, but no need to stay in it forever.