I love working with children. I have performed services for children of various ages, including newborns, toddlers and school age. For the age groups Infants and Toddlers,  4- 7 years old, the session is done through parents, in the child’s absence. For the age group 7 to 9, the child participation and presence for the session is mandatory. Parents can be present, as well, if they wish to.

In today’s world, the number of people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression is rising. Sadly, the same is the case with children who are suffering from these critical problems.

Emotional Healing for Children

At, we help your child find the inner balance. We offer you emotional healing for children, at the best prices because your child deserves that enjoyment and happiness in his/her life. If your child is going through a trauma, peer pressure, depression,  or experiences negative emotions , we are here to provide him/her proven emotional healing, using energetic healing modalities customized to your child’s age and personality.

Children are emotional and innocent. They feel things intensely, but do not have all mental capacities developed to come to an understanding.  They are easily impressionable. Because of that, anything can become a distortion of what was/is really happening, and a new belief, usually negative and limiting, that will affect him/her for life, becomes the problem. Most children, when going through mental trauma, often shut themselves from the outer world.  Their behavior changes, at school and at home. It is noticeable when your child in in need of emotional healing.  Other children do not display a change in behavior at home, grades remain the same, and numb or dissociate from whatever had happened, big or small. But in time, these hidden feelings, emotions and negative beliefs about self or the world, come to the surface and reflect in attracting more of the same experiences, they become a pattern.  At, we take care of the root of the problems, and also fast. Our sessions are mainly focused, on identifying and understanding of your little ones’ emotions and applying corrections to what caused these emotions. The emotional healing transmutations are instant, and wellbeing is felt almost immediately. Behavioral changes follow shortly.

All our sessions are conducted with parental involvement.

If your child is also having a tough time coping instead of enjoying his life, we promise to provide you with very effective emotional healing for children.

30 minutes
$ 75
60 minutes
$ 135