Our courses are systems that anyone can use to break free from emotional issues, traumas, mental conditioning.
Each course is in depth, with a lesson module and a practice worksheet for you to do. Many customers ask if they can send me their homework for me to guide them. While I wish I had the time to do that, and to accommodate your needs and desires, the home study program comes with free consultations, when you can ask me any question or have me transmute issues that are problematic.
The audios are professional healing, not guided meditations, that you can use for all issues that you identify on a specific lesson. Each audio has guidance on which lessons to be used. These are the equivalent of having a session with me. In the silence following the healing commands, transmutations are taking place, downloads, light codes and much more.
Thank you for being serious about your wellbeing and spiritual development and allowing me to be a part of that.
With love,
1221 Acceleration
133 Pages Course for Twin Flames
111 Modules
10 Audio Healing Files
15 Minutes Consultation
1221 Acceleration Extended
188 Pages Course for Twin Flames
144 Modules
20 Audio Healing Files
30 Minutes Consultation
A to Z Comprehensive Healing
250 Pages Course for Everyone
188 Modules
40 Audio Healing Files
30 Minutes Consultation
The Foundation for Life
100 Pages Course For Teenagers
50 Modules
10 Audio Healing Files
10 Minutes Consultation