What is healing?  Is a process, not a magic pill.

It starts with the awareness of the causes, effects, and weaknesses that are creating an uneasiness in the body, restlessness in the mind, and heaviness in the heart. It involves repairing the damaged energy and it requires maintenance, on your end, through practices that you are to do after each session.

Based on your Intake responses, I will know and suggest what type of modality will work for you best, yet, most of the times, in a session, I will use all of the modalities from my list of services, and many others.

Access Consciousness in my experience works great with mentality and money issues. My modality – works for everything,  and it is based on addressing a problem and recalibrating tens or hundreds of aspects that keep it “locked” into your reality. Emotion Code and EFT when combined with other modalities, work great for emotions and feelings. Theta Healing is known for reprogramming the subconscious mind. Spiritual Response Therapy I use mostly for Proxy sessions and when trauma is present, or for tune-up sessions. Yuen Method – making corrections instantly, and efficiently for restoring the vibration to zero point. 

30 minutes
$ 150
60 minutes
$ 275
120 minutes
$ 450