Love is inherently wonderful yet mostly confusing when fear is present, and it is present in every relationship. There is no straight and true way to approach your romantic relationships, and often there will be questions that are difficult to answer on your own. Whether you’re embarking on a new relationship or are having marriage difficulties, been abandoned, ghosted, found yourself into a love triangle, or having a divine partnership ( karmic, catalyst or twin flame)  these sessions answer tricky and obsessive questions, from a practical mundane standpoint as well as a spiritual perspective – your soul agreements and their purpose in your life.

If it is love that you seek, then we can work together to uncover what is standing in your way of finding your mate. You could be tied to a lover from a past lifetime. You could be holding on to old wounds from this life. You inner child may need healing and lack the confidence to ask for what (s)he needs or be willing to take the risk of being hurt. Or perhaps you have acquired an addition to the wrong kind of mate. I treat each client in a holistic manner. Meaning that I take into consideration the mind, body, emotion and spirit during the healing process and I focus on creating an experience, in the safest and most comfortable format possible for effectiveness, dignity, truthfulness and sacredness. However, these sessions sometimes feel like “ tough love” and will challenge your thinking, your convictions on how love should “show up”.

60 minutes
$ 275
120 minutes
$ 450