Knowing that one thing is not good for you and having the mentality are two different things. Mentality it is ingrained. These mentalities are generations old, you were born with some and you acquired some more. If generating a good income, a steady income, has been your problem, most likely you have the scarcity mentality and the loser circuit activated.
Worry not! These can be adjusted, even though they take a while and a lot of work to be recalibrated. Per each issue, in general, it is required 2 or 3 hours of deep work to see results.
I use the 8 -Circuit Model of Consciousness Healing which consists of several quantum psychological systems that unify the various interpretations of the main altered states of consciousness into one coherent meta-theory. The most basic part describes, in a simple outline, eight-brains of information that operate within the human nervous system. In all sessions, I will clear and program the following:
  • The Bio-survival Circuit – The Breath of Consciousness
  • The Emotional-Territorial  Circuit – Freud’s Ego,-  The Rational Mind
  • The Dextro-Symbolic Circuit The Ethical-Social Circuit -The “Adult” Personality 
  • The Neurosomatic circuit – Zen-Yoga Mind-Body-Connexion -Buddha-Monad ‘Mind’
  • The Neuroelectric (Metaprogramming) Circuit – Psionic Electronic-Interface Mind
  • The Neuro-genetic Circuit – Buddha-Monad ‘Mind’
The Non-local Circuit– Overmind
60 minutes
$ 275
120 minutes
$ 450