The different “wills” within you – who are they, what do they want, and which one do you listen to most?

Learn how to “Mind your Mind” – how to achieve a clear mind with healthy thoughts that serve you.

Discover what your thoughts are really creating & redirect them in a healthy way. Thoughts create reality, either on default or optimized. Mind and mindfulness are responsible for 80% of our reality. There are many mental disorders, and their spiritual causes are addressed in these sessions. Please continue to see your health care provider if you are taking medications for any of these disorders.
These sessions will help you have a healthy mindset, through powerful mind-mapping and re-patterning the faulty programs that stand in your way. Below are the most common afflictions of our time.  Substance abuse usually requires four hours to be transmuted and you will be involved with homework to maintain the work that will be done.
60 minutes
$ 275
120 minutes
$ 450