Already have a mate in your life, but could use some more lust? In order to experience ecstasy and explore your sexuality openly it is important to clear the correct path in the body. To do this you will need to clear your body of all your negative imprinting. Your strong emotional wounds, which prevent you to explore your sexuality, are stored in your cellular memory, tissue, chakras, auric field and in your soul fragments. Nothing is taboo, so feel free to come without the worry of being judged. You need to be 100% honest with yourself and be able to answer uncomfortable questions. 

Why would you want to address these issues?  Besides having a satisfactory sexual life, Sexuality and Creation go hand in hand. Also, affects Money Flow Triad and Manifesting Pentagon, pretty much making a mess in other areas of your life. Be it a sexual orientation issue, or rape, or inability to perform, or any problem related to sexuality, there is a solution. 

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$ 450