Soul issues are  very common. Every human being comes with a soul damage, the main reason we even incarnate, to restore the blueprint of the soul. Through many experiences of the soul,  the soul can lose from its energetic signature. A person can lose parts of the soul, or experience fragmenting of the soul because of a traumatic event, without knowing about it about years later. This soul loss can take on several symptoms such as the feeling of emptiness or detachment from friends and relatives, depression, confusion regarding your purpose in life, or the adoption of a series of damaging habits.

Soul loss can be brought by breakups, car accidents, and other more intense traumas like rape and near-death experiences. Soul clearing and retrieval will first purge these negative energies and then replace the void with positive energy. 

As an added service to our clients we also offer Soul Art by Aurora. These paintings are created using oil or acrylic paints. They look abstract, and are done as a programming of the soul, with its colors and energetic signature. If this is something that would interest you then please inquire about it during your services consultation or e-mail. There is a waiting period for these paintings to be ready, they are small, intended not to be seen by too many, but kept in a private place, away from too many inquiring eyes.
$ 275
$ 450