Have you ever wondered, how to take your spiritual work to the next level? Would you like to understand the deeper, spiritual meaning of a particular life challenge? Would you like to gain insight into what a particular relationship or experience can teach you? A Spiritual Guidance Session will help you to answer these questions and also, make you acquainted with your spiritual team, power animal. These sessions identify what is a hindrance from a spiritual perspective.

In each session I will collaborate with your personal Guides and Angels to assist in this process, which means these sessions are a combination of profound channeling guidance on what you need at the current point in your life and also corrections, and optimizations. These makes you gain an expanded awareness of your life purpose and unlock the full potential of your blueprint.

Shamanic journeying requires 2 hours, and it has four steps.





60 minutes
$ 275
  • 60 minutes
120 minutes
$ 450
  • 120 minutes