Twin Flames

Twin Flame Separation Symptoms

I feel for you! I know exactly how difficult the journey can be. Twin Souls you are not alone, and you are very brave souls to have this type of soul initiation.  One of the common mistakes is receiving guidance about this process from someone who has NOT been through this experience YET. We are all Twin Souls, but guidance should come from someone who had completed all the Twin Flames Telepathy Love Making stages all the way into Surrender, Inner Union, and Mission.

Twin Flames Telepathy Love Making

The Programs were made for you, and they include 111 energetic templates, with 11 mega core issues into each template. Sometimes, you want a Twin Flame love making Counseling in Florida to help you. First, if you did not validate which type of Twin Flame Separation Symptoms you are having, that should be the first thing, in a Coaching Session. After that, you can decide what you need, and of course, I will customize the order which will shorten the time and also, bring the most illumination into your connection and subtle bodies. Twin Flame Healing Energy Tune Up requires 4 hours

Below are the most important type of sessions:
60 Minutes
$ 275
120 Minutes
$ 450