Unique Services

These services have been ordered time and again. Each one of them has a unique format, and your full participation is mandatory. Bridal “Something Old”, prepares you for the new life, by clearing all “ex-es” and their imprints in your energy. This is a MUST HAVE for any woman who is about to get married. Confession/Deep Secrets healing – is one of my favorites. In order for something we have done, to be released and for our self-forgiveness to take place, it is required to be “witnessed” by another human being. Your sharing is HIGHLY confidential, and you will be able to “put at the cross”, all things that need to be affirmed. It is like a confession in church or telling a best friend without worrying how this will hurt you later, with the benefit of being kept a secret,  and the issues being fixed at the core, the damage reversed, and new confidence downloaded. Infants and Toddlers could beneficiate until the age of 2 having an energetic foundation adjusted to our dimension and release from karma coming in their DNA from parents. Midlife Crisis – this spells it out! Real drama, real pain, real result, really fast! These sessions are based on the format, ”bitchin” and “vacuuming”. You will be asked for the first 10 minutes of the session, to “bitch”. For the next 10 minutes, you will be the one , witnessing how others “ bitch” about you. The remaining of the session will be fixing using verbal vacuuming, energetic dumping and upgrading, and holographic imprinting. Neutrality Tune Up is having 4 hours at once, with everything downloaded and recalibrated. This service is done one time in a lifetime. Maintaining it, requires once a year , one hour of activation. Third Party Healing by proxy – when you want to help someone. Your son, your daughter-in-law, your best friend, and they are NOT willing to be present for a session. You can be the one present to witness the energetic transmutations done on their behalf, or you can send a picture of them, and the session will be recorded for you. Full transparency, accountability and willingness to so some extra work on your own after sessions are mandatory.

Bridal “Something Old”

Confession/Deep Secrets Healing

Midlife Crisis Hologram Reimprinting

Neutrality Tune-Up

Third Party Healing by Proxy

Venting with Healing

60 minutes
$ 275
120 Minutes
$ 475